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Re: Tips for passing glucose test?

Originally Posted by GEMQEMCABOOSE View Post
There is a real medical reason for the GD screening and I don't consider just a way for a Dr. to make money nor do I think the best idea is to try to find a way to "trick" the test. I have had GD during all 3 pregnancies. It is a very real condition that has very real dangers for your unborn child. When I was pregnant with my first, I went to a GD counseling class to learn how to manage it (its not all that difficult really) and we had a 100 pound 18 year old, a college - aged track runner, several women in the 20s from 110 pounds to 200 pounds, and a few older women also. While there are factors that can increase your chances of GD, anyone can have it, and most do not know it. I wouldn't take chances with the health of your baby just because you don't think you have a condition or you question the profit motives of the doctor. Do the test and be sure; its not worth exposing your baby to 4 months of hyperglycemia and predisposing him/her to diabetes for life.
Well said! And just b/c you are healthy doesn't mean you won't get GD! You DON'T have to be overweight to get GD! My 120 Lb friend has it right now! Don't take the risk b/c you don't feel like it! It's for the health of your baby!
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