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Carseat gurus

OK I have this friend who has 2 children and number 3 on the way. Her daughter is 2 and the baby is about 7 months. Last week she had me come to her car to see them and I about lost it when I saw the 2yr old in a forward facing turbobooster (idk it was the one with the high back) and the 7 month old in a ff carseat wasnt one that could even be RF. I just started going off on her. Her excuse was his legs touched the seat (I had also went over all this when her daughter was younger too) and that her mom bought them bc she couldnt afford them. I was like your mom could have gotten proper ones and if you cant afford them what the he** are you doing having another child. I told her she needed to leave and I could no longer deal with her ignorance.... Is there anything I can do? I mean I have given her ALL the information shown her videos and she just dont care. Shes a very negligent parent and I avoid her most the time bc I just wanna rip her hair out and take her kids (yea its that bad). I thought about getting her license plate number and calling the cops on her when I knew she was driving but she rarely ever has her kids with her. So any advice?
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