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Re: Chicagoland moms- anyone use Homefirst?

i love them i looked them up for a homebirth, but couldn't use them ($$$$) but now my kids see them....I first met with dr. rosi and he is by far my favorite! (i always get him when i call in the middle of the night too ) he reminds me of the dad on my big fat greek wedding, except, instead of windex-everything, it's breastmilk-everything

now we see dr. schattauer mostly (my second favorite) and dr. zumhagen when we need to (dr. schattauer is off, etc.) i've only seen dr. zumhagen twice though and the first time i didn't like hi at all compared to schattauer, but the second time he grew on me more

as for the offices, nope, they're not like a hospital or anything, but they don't bother me, but i think that's because i got over the shock when i had ds1 with cnms in the area and their office was very siilar, i peed in a dixie cup instead of those fancy-smanshy sterile cups and i freaked the first visit, but now i like that laid back setting, and so long as they keep their instruments sterile, i'm not concerned...but i'm definitely not a germaphobe
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