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Re: *LOOKIE* A FS0T Checklist & Helpful Hints *LOOKIE*

Originally Posted by sammyjune View Post
One of the things I hate is HUGE lots of a wide variety of stuff all in one post. I hate having to scroll, scroll, scroll, and wait for all those pics to load and searching for the wool that I want when there are prefolds, fitteds, covers, etc. all together.

So my is, if it's a large lot of different items, please make multiple threads under the appropriate heading. i.e. only wool together under wool, a new prefold thread under prefolds, etc. The only exception that's okay with me is a set. For example a matching t-shirt, diaper, and wool all sold as a set. In that case, make a separate one for that.

And thanks OP for all the work in your post. I think some people CDing for a long time (like me) forget what it's like to be a newbie and that some things can't be taken for granted.
Hi! You're welcome!

I just wanted to let you know that actually it is against DS rules to have more than one post in each forum. I did just that the first time I listed stuff. I had like 10 threads in "covers" and a Mod promptly PMed me and told me I had 24 hours to combine them. Soooooooo, that explains the huge lots for ya!

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