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Re: What am I the only one??

I wish I had CD'd from day 1 and, in retrospect, easily could have. But it was hard enough at first to convince Mike to try CDing at all, and we had several CDers recommend waiting out the "yucky poop" stage before starting up. Other than the frequency of poop in the beginning, though, I don't think it would've really made a difference. Oh well, at least we CD full time now, so I can feel good about that! I'm sure we'll CD right from day one with the next one (whenever that is!).

I didn't know how well you knew Christine, but yes, she does CD as well. Actually, Isaiah's PLing right now, so she just puts cloth on him for naps and night. And yes, I know Charlene from working at the hospital. I noticed that Avery was wearing Bum Genius in some of her pics. It's so awesome that more people seem to be using cloth these days. I know I try to tell people how easy it is, but a lot of people still don't believe me!

What kind of CDs do you use? We started out with BG OS 3.0, but they fit terribly on Caleb because he's so chunky. Plus, I've been starting to read more about how synthetics (like PUL) are potentially very toxic, so I've been trying to go more natural. We still use the BG to round out the stash, but I've been gradually picking up some natural fiber fitteds on FSOT and am also attempting prefolds and wool. I'm hoping to eventually sell my BG (maybe keep a few for the diaper bag) and use natural fibers full time.

So you'll be at The Shelter this Sunday? We should see you there, then! That's awesome you're getting Braelyn dedicated. I've often wondered about dedications at our church, they don't really ever seem to do them. Did you just ask Oral about it? I would kind of like to get Caleb publicly dedicated as well. We've obviously done it privately, but publicly is great, too. Anyway, I'm glad you're doing well in Peace River!
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