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Am I just hormonal?

I really think I'm about to kill my "d"h...anybody who thinks like me want to adopt my babies? Any lawyers out there think it's justifiable homicide?

We have more than our fair share of marital difficulties, especially since we found out about this pregnancy. In fact a few weeks ago, I took DJ and left him. After much begging on his part and soul searching on my part and me talking to a marriage counsellor and more prayer and soul searching, I decided that 7 months pregnant and with a toddler is not the time for me to be making this decision so I did give him He11 but I made up my mind that I was coming home and will do whatever I have to in order to stay sane and healthy until this baby is born and I'm thinking a little more rationally.

Well, one of his gripes is that he says I'm always checking up on him and spying on him and treat him like a child. An example, I call him in the evening and ask him what he wants for dinner and when he'll be home to eat it. Now, I always figured I was being nice by calling him and seeing what he wants and when to get it ready, especially since I have no appetite when I'm pregnant, but apparently he sees it as nagging. Keep in mind now, I work from home, his job is driving around all day...he comes home at least 3-4 times most days to get a drink or go to the bathroom or just come in and check to see whether I'm napping...but I'm spying on him by calling and asking him when to get dinner ready. So I told him, fine, I never knew that bothered him. I won't call him in the afternoon anymore if he will have the respect to call me and let me know if he's going to be late. See, when he works late, he waits until he's on his way home and then calls to let me know...sometimes 4-5 hours after I was expecting him! He complained and said that he never knows how long it's going to take him so I told him that's fine, but at least to call and let me know he's running late so that I don't worry. Well, this afternoon, he came home at 4 to get a drink and as he was walking out the door, he said "It might be a little after 5 when I get home today." problem. Well, here it is almost 8:00 and I haven't heard anything so I tried to call him...three times...but he's not answering his cell phone. I'm "only" 32 weeks pregnant but I've been to the hospital twice with preterm labor symptoms already. At 28 weeks, my MW said that all the early signs were there and she would be surprised if I lasted another 4 weeks (do the math...that's now!) My first son was born at 34 weeks. And when he was home this afternoon, I told him that although the baby is still pretty high, I've been having contractions all day and "dilating pains" (those stabbing pains "down there") and that I was starting to get a little nervous. But, hey, that's no reason to answer his phone when I call him, is it? I finally called one of the other wives and got her to get his radio number from her husband and I called him on his work radio. He saw on the caller ID that it was me and just answered with "What do you want!?!? I told you I might work late!" I tried to stay calm and pointed out to him that he said it might be "a little after 5" when he got home and it's now almost 8 and I tried calling his cell phone but he didn't answer so I was worried. He just said "Are you done now?" I was so mad I hung up!! Truth be told, I wasn't worried...I was getting excited at the thought that maybe he finally decided to not come home! GRRRRrrrr!!!

What if I was calling to tell him I'm in labor? Granted, he's getting tired of me "crying wolf" with this pregnancy...but every time I have a contraction he's wanting me to run off to the hospital because he's scared to death that he'll wind up delivering this baby. Why do men have to be such jacka$$es?!?!?

Oh well, I feel better now....
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