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Re: Summer babies? Help!

DS was born in early september, which is still soundly in the hot season here (Northern CA). I swaddled, but when I did, he only wore a onesie under the swaddle blanket. Our AC didn't work very well, so about the coolest we could keep it was 80 during the day, but I never noticed him being overheated.
He mostly wore one piece rompers (I didn't like footed ones, he grew too fast and you couldn't "stretch" those a few weeks more), onesies, and the lightweight pants that they sell with the onesies.
We used 'sposies for the first month before I decided to make the switch to cloth. Just the thought of the icky plastic and paper on his brand new baby skin, and in that kind of heat, makes me cringe now. Funny how what seemed so normal then now seems so awful and weird!

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