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Re: Am I just hormonal?

mama i feel your pain. not that i've been in the exact situation, but we've been there in VERY tough times. and sometimes i felt like plucking his damn eyes out of his head (and i wasn't prego so it had nothing to do w/hormones), but we did get through it. we moved out of state and away from all outside influences on our relationship (yes that includes family). it really made a whole world of difference. we still talk to SOME of our old friends, and we live next to my sister that i only saw maybe once a year since i was 5 and my parents come down and visit maybe once a month. so it's really nice and now a year later we are happier than we have ever been and expecting a bundle in august!
we had some of the problems you do....only i was "spying" and "checking" up on him lol. and would full out admit it. i wanted to know where he was at and when he was there. still do, but that's okay...he's my dh i SHOULD know, just as he SHOULD know w/me.
and i'm sorry but your dh saying a little after 5 and then getting PO'ed when you call at 8 b/c he's still not there is just ridiculous. he should've called at 6 to say sorry he's not there yet and he still has more to do. and as far as you having to call the other wife to get his radio # is also insanity b/c at this point in your pregnancy he should've given you every # there is to reach him at.
maybe i'm hormonal and having flashbacks though lol. but in all seriousness you're pg and you need ALL the #'s to reach him, esp w/your history and what the mw said.
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