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why do you insist on grating my kids already do that
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Re: so frustrated....ins gripe

i never thought about the fact that they cover expensive a$$ hospitals and ob's but not MW's. personally i use an ob (the office has several mw's too though that i just adore), i have preterm labor issues though. anyhow i knew that most ins won't cover mw's but never thought about it in terms that mw's are much'd think the ins company would be more than happy to cover a mw's fees!!!! grrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!
i also 100% agree that the majority of all c-sections are unnecessary. it really peeves me when women just opt for them for no reason....each to their own though i guess. i also think sometimes ob's suggest a c-section for unnecessary things. but we won't go into that...i don't want to T anyone off right now haha.
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