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Re: At what age did you go to toddler bed?

Originally Posted by Mommy2JJ View Post
I think a toddler bed all depends on when they are ready. Jackson cosleeps with all the time and for naps....but I think when he was around 18 months and we were in his room and he wanted to "play" (guess he thinks that's what they are for ) and he darn near scaled the whole thing.....BUT he is a climber and a mover. He had a crib that changed to a toddler bed so I went ahead and did it even though he never sleeps in it.

With all that said.....when we do transitition him to his room he will go straight to a twin bed with a bed rail. He is use to sleeping in our big bed and I am sure he willl still need some "help" to go to sleep so I think a twin is good for us. Plus for him it will be more what he is use to.

I would try a toddler bed though, is he a good sleeper??
That makes sense to do a twin bed so there is room for an adult too. He's a really good sleeper once he goes down. But he tends to "play" in his crib for a bit before he goes, laughing and talking. He is sleeping well through the night though.
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