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Re: WIC: Ah yes, yet another non-vax Q & A, lol

Originally Posted by ambered View Post
Sorry, but you all are so full of info & nobody bashes me here for non vaxing .. so how about no vaxes & WIC? Anybody dealt with this? I did find & print this from their website: which specifically states: "Immunization records and/or an infant/child’s immunization status are in no way tied to the receipt of WIC benefits." So there shouldn't be a problem really, but they ask for the imm record so I was just wondering if anyone was given any problems? Also, what about the blood test for the child they require at a year? If you refuse that can they DQ you? Thanks mamas! -Amber
Many many years ago when we were recieving WIC with my DD(we havent since than and now dont qualify even if we wanted to) we wouldnt do the blood test on dd so they refused to give us services. I was so angry way back than. They also try to force cows milk even when you have a doctors note that states an allergy. WIC is a great idea but it is poorly run IMO.
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