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Re: Relactating Where to begin ,lol. Need suggestions!!

Originally Posted by drenotdoctor
I got a prescription for it from my OB. Not sure why ppl are saying it's illegal in the US... Hmmm... Maybe b/c it's not approved by the FDA?? Call your OB, maybe they can help you on where to get it. I got mine with a prescription from a compunding pharmacy.
If you look at the links in the thread I posted above, the FDA banned it in the US in 2004. I had no idea until recently because everyone I've heard talk about it is Canadian but that's what I found out. There are still doctors who will prescribe and there are still pharmacies that will fill it, but it is illegal and the pharmacies can be punished by the FDA.

Now, as for ordering it from pharmacies or friends overseas, that's drug trafficking and is also illegal. I think it's tragic because I do believe that the FDA was hasty in banning it, but I also think that mamas need to know the whole story before taking risky measures to obtain it. I would feel better about finding a doc and pharmacy that are willing to do it because at least then you can plead're just following doctor's orders. If you order from overseas and have it shipped here, you're pretty much admitting that you know you're breaking the rules, plus, you have no guarantees about the quality of what you're getting and you're taking a prescription drug without consulting a doctor first so there's no telling what will happen. It's a hard situation for mamas.

Definitely try the herbal route first. If that doesn't work, then consult an LC (or two or three!) and your doctor because there are drugs other than Domperidone that have the same effect. If you're still unsuccessful and decide that it's worth the risks, then you can look into getting Domperidone.
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