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Re: WIC: Ah yes, yet another non-vax Q & A, lol

Thanks for all the good info! I did print the page, we go to WIC on a military base, and they do ask for all vax records. DS is just now 6 months so this is the first time they've requested it, and I'm prepared to fight if need be. About the blood test, it's not a lead screen, it's for iron, hemoglobin/hematocrit. They don't do it AT WIC, they ask for a form from the ped. My ds was born at home with a naturopath, and the last time he saw her was at 4 weeks, no need since. She doesn't do bloodwork & I don't see the point in the test, I have a healthy diet so I don't doubt ds's levels are fine. They don't ask for it till 1 year, but I have a feeling at that point if I refuse we will lose WIC benefits. I emailed them anonamously to ask, but got no response. Maybe I'll ask at next month's appointment, but I'm sure I'll get the standard "you just have to" answer. -Amber
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