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Re: Relactating Where to begin ,lol. Need suggestions!!

I HAVE HAD TO RELACTATE TWICE! When my 2nd dd was born, I was all set to do it right. We established a great nursing relationship and bam, I ended up in the hospital for 2 months. I had to really relactate from just about nothing to a full supply. Here is what I did:

Pump every 2 hours (similate having nb)
Drink 64oz water every day
Eat oatmeal for breakfast everyday
Took 600mg of Fenugreek a day
Took 80mg Dom a day

Both my lactation consultants and LLL leader were about the Dom.

You can get Dom from New Zealand at

Domperidone causes liver problems....youcan only take it short term , and it causes your liver enzymes to act up. you would have to have liver testing bloodwork done, and i know women who had to stop taking it because their liver enzymes messed up, and the day they stopped taking it, their milkdried up.
FALSE~Domperidone (or motilium) has been perscribed for years for normal digestive health. People taking it for such reasons use it for long term benefits. I don't know where she got this info, but according to my lactation consultants and every place I've researced, I've never found anyone to state danger from long term usage.
Now, as for ordering it from pharmacies or friends overseas, that's drug trafficking and is also illegal
SEMI FALSE~I receive Dom in my normal mailbox, straight from the New Zealand pharmacy. Did you know that Dom is sold over the couter in Europe? It is a health Supplament, not a drug classified in its normal context. Drugs have different catagories of seriousness. Dom does not cross over the brain barrier like other drugs like Reglan (NEVER TAKE THIS, I DID AND IT GAVE ME DEPRESSION!!!!). Though the FDA has put a ban on this product in the US for a treatment or cure for particular diseases/symptoms, that does not mean that it can't be used for other things. They never fully examined how much this supplament helps moms to relactate.

I've taken Dom and it helped me to nurse with a full milk supply. If you ever need help relacting or want someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to contact me!
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