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Re: Has anyone seen this kind of birthmark

Originally Posted by mom2B View Post
Yes that pic does look like hers, she started off with nothing and then slowly bang. Iam so glad iam sure it will go away too.

I didnt even notice when he was born he had one, then after I took him home 4 days later I noticed it and it was at his worse then, luckily never got n e bigger. I know some do, and some babys have a itty bitty one when they are born on like their lips and stuff and they end up growing over half their face. Its scary and sad but the common ones like our kids have do go away in a few years. I know DS' pediatrician said it would be gone by the time he turned 7, when he went in at 1 year he asked where it went and he was surprised it was gone so fast. Im sure it will start to fade around 1 or so but its nothing to worry about. DS used to pick at his cause he thought it was dirt or something. LOL never busted it or cause n e problems.
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