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Re: S/O-What kind of birth mark do your DC's have??

My oldest ds has stork bites in his part and the base of his neck/hairline.

My dd has none left now. She did have a few stork bites.

My youngest ds...ready? He was born w/7 birthmarks! WHEW! No switching that baby on us! ROFL He has: upper forehead left, Upper chest right, lower abdomen left, down right leg from back of buttox to toes (this one is the most prominent of these right/left birthmarks). These specific birthmarks caused quite a stir at birth. The drs and nurses thought we had a harlequin baby. Something about the heart and pumping blood evenly, I think. I never researched it b/c it turned out they were birthmarks. I have since seen a show on Discovery Health about being your own twin. One baby born in TX had the exact markings as my ds??? Anyways onto his other birthmarks. He has a port wine on his lower lip in the center. When he was born, it was under his lip. Since he is almost 9yo it is now incoroporated into his lip! WHEW! I was always asked if he bumped/burned himself! Then he has a red dimple (about the size of a pencil eraser) on one of his butt cheeks. He also had a stork bite on his eyelid. Poor kid!
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