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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing past one year

My pedi would never dare challenge me seriously we have never given our dc cows milk. How can milk from a cows breast (yes I know its an utter) be better for your dc than human breast milk!!! This makes me want to meet your pedi and let her have a conversation with my dh who will set her right. The main benifit of soy over rice for small children is that soy contains more fat than rice milk. Both have the same mount of vitamin D and calcium (as long as you are buying enriched) Grr I could go on and on next time you see his pedi print out some medicall info on how great breastmilk is and bring a container of rice milk (she needs to be educated)

Originally Posted by Fither View Post
i'm looking for a little support here

we had jack's one year well baby visit today, and i couldn't believe the things his ped said to me.

her: "so what is jack eating these days?"

me: "breastmilk and table food, he eats pretty much everything."

her: "you do realize that there is absolutely no nutritional benefit to nursing past one year, don't you?"

me: silence

her: (after my half a second of silence) "you REALLY need to wean him off of the breastmilk and introduce whole milk over the next three months, i'll be very concerned if he's not on whole milk by then"

me: silent head nods

my husband: "well he gets rice milk in his sippy as well" big mistake. i mean he only gets like an ounce per week for crying out loud.

her: "well that is absolute no, NO more rice milk. there is no vitamin D in rice milk, toddlers should NEVER have rice milk"

me: silence

her: "exactly how long do you plan to nurse?"

me: "i'd like to make it until two years"

her: "i find that very concerning, his nutritional needs are no longer being met by breastmilk, he needs whole milk, and if you won't do that, he needs to be on soy milk."

me: "ok....moving along...."

ok, i just had to do that! i was soooooooooo angry!!! i was seriously speechless! i mean how can she say that there is NO benefit to nursing past one year?? that's just asinine. why on earth would the WHO recommend a minimum of two years, if there were no benefit? does she think that my milk turns to water at the stroke of midnight on his one year birthday?

so mamas who nursed past one year, did anyone else get this much trouble from your ped about it? i had no plans to introduce cows milk to him for at least another couple of months, and then we were going to do it slowly. OH, and before i forget, i checked his container of organic rice milk as soon as we got home, and THERE IS VITAMIN D ADDED. one serving is 30% of the recommended daily allowance.

thanks for reading my rant, i feel better getting it out
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