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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing past one year

When dr's turn their offices into their own soapbox it really p*$$es me off! I have never had some HUGE fondness of western medicine to begin with, but some stories I hear just make me never wanna go back to a dr again! It scares me to know that these ppl are really PRACTICING medicine! My friend's OB told her she'd need to find a new OB if she wanted to try a VBAC. So now she's going on c/s #3 and that was another limit he placed on her. No more than 3 c/s EVER! I seriously would LEAVE the practice if my OB told me that and I'm not just saying that. I actually did at 30wks over an OB telling me if I wanted an NST to check for PTL I could drive myself to the city (1hr away) and get seen there, even though we have a local hospital 20 mins away!? I didn't like the fact that my concerns weren't being addressed and just fanned away! Your desire to BF after 1yr is YOUR CHOICE. Its not like we're talking about a preschooler here, he's a BABY! You don't HAVE TO give your baby cow's milk, soy milk or anything other than breast milk for that matter! I have never BF'd past 4mos but if I did and my DC hadn't weaned at 1yr than so what! And like you said, its not like something changes your milk as soon as he's 1!

Good luck and I hope you find a good Ped or FP that cares about YOUR desires as a parent!
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