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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing past one year

Originally Posted by Fither View Post
well, i did it! i called and got a new pediatrician. it is with a doctor who is very popular, so popular that it can be hard to get an appt, but it's worth it. his wife nursed all six of their babies, and i've heard that he's very supportive of breastfeeding. i also told the nurse who took my call why i was switching.

i'm going to mail some info to her office, so she'll certainly know why we're no longer seeing her.

i NEVER rock the boat, but i just couldn't let this slide.

i cannot imagine the trauma my son would go through if i tried to wean him now. he LOOOOOOOVES nursing. i know him well enough to know that he is absolutely not ready to give up nursing yet.

Thats great! Here's to hoping she actually reads, and looks into what you send her you did a good thing!!!!! But you know that
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