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Re: Unimportant vocab question :)

Originally Posted by kangamom View Post
So... should *I* be worried that my ds doesn't seem to make any words or even really attempt to? He does do a lot of signs, does that count?
No, not at all and especially if you've had his hearing checked. You also have to take into consideration that he's a twin and twins often have delayed speech development. Mine are identical twin boys and they both couldn't be understood even at 5yrs old by most strangers. Anyone who knew them could understand 75% of it but there was still stuff we didn't understand. Speech Therapy really helped, they both graduated from ST in 2nd grade!

OP- I've been on both ends of the spectrum, my now 3yo DS hardly talked at all and then all of a sudden he started talking like crazy after he turned 2. He understood what we were saying, he just didn't talk much. My 15mo DS says a LOT of words, some I don't understand and some I do. Probably 50/50 range. He puts words together and can attempts to say almost everything you ask him to. He is also learning new words every single day and its just amazing! My twins and 3yo did NOT do this so its totally new! My now almost 5yo was really average in his growth which was comfortable, especially since I was still struggling with the twins speech. Every child is different and boys also tend to lag behind in the speech dept.
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