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Re: Unimportant vocab question :)

Originally Posted by TwinKristi View Post
No, not at all and especially if you've had his hearing checked. You also have to take into consideration that he's a twin and twins often have delayed speech development.
Sorry to hijack the thread a bit

His twin sister is VERY verbal and has a huge vocabulary. This morning I couldn't find my glasses and in desperation, i asked her where they were. She looked at me for a second, got this thinking look on her face, then spun around and ran into my bedroom. Then she climbed on my bed, reached under my pillow and says, "Here ya go!" and gave me the glasses.

She seems more advanced than her sisters were at this age. I wonder if its not also a gender thing? I hear a lot more about little boys with speech delays than I do girls. I know when I ask dd to get me a diaper, she runs and gets one and says "dap" as she hands it. When I ask ds, he gives me a blank stare and turns off/on the tv. Or sometimes he will bring me a LOT of diapers.
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