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Re: Relactating Where to begin ,lol. Need suggestions!!

Originally Posted by teresaarrington
SEMI FALSE~I receive Dom in my normal mailbox, straight from the New Zealand pharmacy. Did you know that Dom is sold over the couter in Europe? It is a health Supplament, not a drug classified in its normal context. Drugs have different catagories of seriousness. Dom does not cross over the brain barrier like other drugs like Reglan (NEVER TAKE THIS, I DID AND IT GAVE ME DEPRESSION!!!!). Though the FDA has put a ban on this product in the US for a treatment or cure for particular diseases/symptoms, that does not mean that it can't be used for other things. They never fully examined how much this supplament helps moms to relactate.

I understand that it is possible to order from overseas pharmacies and get the drug in your mailbox...that dosn't mean that it's legal. It just means that you got lucky and it didn't get stopped at the border (which in many cases it will...wonder if those overseas pharmacies give you your money back if that happens?) And yes, it is over the counter in Europe, but we're not in Europe. Marijuana is legal in Holland...still doesn't mean you can order it and have it shipped here to use does it? Actually, you probably could...but what happens when you get caught?

I also understand that some of the alternatives to Domperidone have serious side effects (like Reglan) *in some women*. Domperidone also has serious side effects *in some people*. That's why it's important to take any medication under a doctor's supervision. Wouldn't it be nice if there were a magic pill that would fix one problem without affecting any other systems!

One thing you said that I do agree with is that the FDA did not do adequate research on the benefits of Domperidone for lactating women. I believe that's tragic and would like to know if there's anything we can do to pressure them to reconsider this. However, your statement that just because they've banned it for some things doesn't mean that it's illegal for other uses is false. If you look at the links I posted earlier, you can find more information.

"FDA officials say they issued the warning after they discovered that some women who breastfeed and/or pump breast milk are purchasing domperidone from compounding pharmacies and from foreign countries to increase their breast milk production.

Domperidone has not been approved for use in the U.S., and officials say use of the drug for any purpose is illegal.

Domperidone may increase the secretion of the hormone prolactin, which is needed for lactation. However, due to the risk of serious adverse effects, the FDA recommends that breastfeeding women not use the drug to increase milk production."

excerpt from an article at

I feel like the bad guy here...I'm really not trying to be argumentative. I just thought that all this was very interesting when I started researching it and I think that mothers need to know so that they can make an informed decision.
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