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Re: WIC: Ah yes, yet another non-vax Q & A, lol

Our WIC office doesn't do the finger stick iron test at one year, but they give you a form to get it done at the doctors office as well as weight and height etc.
They do it at one year. I never thought it was important till they did Dd at one year, she is (always has been) an excellent eater, veg, fruit, meat, you name it. She was even still getting a bottle of formula (iron fortified) at bedtime. Her levels were really low, I thought they had a bad batch of test strips so mean mommy here let them re do it. My friend is the nurse who did it. She took iron drops for a month, then went for a lab draw for a more accurate level check, she was still really low and still eating a good variety and high iron foods. It took more than 6 mths on drops to raise her levels up to just normal. Now they re check annually to make sure they stay that way.
So you just never know, they could be low, even with a really good eater.
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