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Re: My bumGenius rainbow!

Originally Posted by vanilla
FB are a different fabric (polyester) they don't take any dye that I've tried very well. Plus FB uses pul that's coated with waterproofer, so that really hinders them from taking dye...
Yep... FB's are polyester, and polyester isn't dyeable by methods used for fiber-reactive (cotton) dyes or by protein (wool, silk) dyes... it is dyeable, but not really by any means available to the home user.. as far as I know it requires high heat and some really toxic dyes.. so I've heard

bumGenious! are incorrectly labeled as having polyester outers, but the outers (as well as the aplix and laundry tabs) are nylon (which is coated on the back just like PUL is, actually, that doesn't hinder the dye process at all) and they take dye really well... the pic I posted was after they'd been washed after dyeing, so they are indeed colorfast The laundry/crossover tabs actually take up more dye than anything else... they're darker than the diapers now. The stretchy sides take up "some" dye, but not a lot. The inners are still completely white, since they are poly.
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