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Re: Overflowing with squash, zucchini & green beans!!

Wash and slice zucchini, wash and chop tomato and add italian dressing (like a salad w/o the lettuce) or any oil and vinegar based dressing. It is very simple and very I second (or 5th or whatever) zucchini bread. I think I got my recipe from Emeril's website. It is tdf. Also, sometimes I just like to steam the zucchini with squash, add butter salt and a little cheese and munch away. DH makes green bean fries but IDK how. He breaded the green beans and fried them and we dipped them in ranch. DH and the girls loved them. I thought they were ok. I like green beans cooked to death (like until they are limp) with bacon grease or ham. . . that's how my grandma always made them. Sometimes I add onion and garlic or diced potatoes or all of the above Or I second (5th, whatever) the send some to me Mine aren't ready to pick yet
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