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Re: Moving from Teacher to WAHM...and all that goes w/ it.

Argh - I totally understand the frustration of teaching and living pretty far from where you work - I don't think non-teachers understand what "late" for a teacher means - any other job (well, almost any other) and being a minute or two late doesn't really matter. If a teacher is a minute or two late, then there are kids left along who really shouldn't be, or another teacher (or..shudder...administrator) has to cover for that time, which builds a bad rep. really fast. We CANNOT afford for me to stop working, fortunatly, we found a sitter directly across the street from school, so it's easy (you'd think) to drop dd off and run to school. Of course, that's assuming the traffic didn't decide to tur evil on the way in.

May I ask, what are you certified/licensed in? I teach art, so I understand about jobs being few and far between. If you did choose to stay at home, since you'd have to be taking classes to maintain your certificate anyway, what if you took classes to help get a broader/more mainstream certification? Like elem. ed or math or something? I know nothing about what you teach, so I don't know if there would be a natural fit for another subject area. Personally, I have thought about getting additional licenses to teach an intermediate english (4th, 5th) or history so I'd have more job security where I am and ne more hireable if I chose to leave. If you get a more mainstream cert, you might be able to work closer to home. Just my
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