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Re: Car seat shopping help

Well I'm not a carseat tech by here's my experience If you have a heavy baby I wouold recommend the Graco infant carrier that goes up to 30 lbs (it usually has a HUGE sign on it that says "Up to 30lbs" can't miss it!) My SIL has it and she loves it. I did a little research on it myself and found it also goes up to a height of 31" I believe (it was more than the usual 27" like most).

I've heard that you don't want to put newborns in a convertible seats. Hopefully a car seat tech or other mamas here can reverify that for me But converitible wise, I love my Cosco Scenara (only about $40) and I was told it's a high recommendation too. That goes up to 40" tall, 35 lbs rf and 40 ff. But if you have the money and want to splurg some There are tons of others out there. By pure luck I got a new Britax Marathon for $185 so I just had to have that! And that seat will go up to 65 lbs ff in a 5 pt harness. Though my second choice was a Sunshine Kids Radian 80 (is also rf but ff it goes up to 80 lbs with the 5 pt harness).

But if you're looking for inexpensive and a great model go with the Scenara imo because it fits great in pretty much every car we've tried it in (Nissan Sentra, BMW 318i, 1989 Blazer, Windstar).

HTH mama!!
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