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Re: PSA: Give people a chance before you judge them

Very well said mama.. and I totally agree.. just look at my quote under my AVI.

I deal with issues out of my control also with my 6 year old who has endless amounts of energy and is quite impulsive. I feel like at times, I'm either looked at for how energetic he is or how often I have to call his name to keep him in line.

Then my 4 year old is one who can't seem to entertain himself so he simply screams and yells out for no apparent reason.
Which gives me the look of 'wow.. your child IS an animal'.
Sometimes I explain a little and sometimes I just raise a brow and walk away.

When I see an out of control child and a parent doing the best they can, I simpathize with them and don't condone them.

Jennifer, Mom to 4 and an angel.
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