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Re: Do you ever wonder "what have I done?"

Yep. I found that sitting on the floor with her in my lap blowing in her face and telling her to calm down and take deap breaths helps BOTH of us calm down when she is crying and just plain fussy. She is almost 17 months and has tantrums(yes, this early on). Later on i plan on using the visualizing a colored balloon and blowing it up method for the both of us.
i totally understand how you feel. But isn't it great when your child does something funny that totally cracks you both up and you think "This is awesome. I am so glad he/she/they are here.". Makes it all worth it.
Visualizing(sp?) things that you could do that you wouldn't be proud of is normal. I sometimes visualize screaming at the top of my lungs at dd when she is being really fussy and i can't stop her crying.
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