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Re: Chore Charts & Reward Charts

I haven't read through all of the replies but I just wanted to share what dh came up with as a reward system when I was looking for one to keep the boys on task and stuff. We took a medium plastic container (we reused the container some risotto rice came in) and put some blue construction paper in the bottom and cut a hole in the lid. We taped the lid on and attached it to a pc of poster board which dh decorated like the ocean with "goldfish" in it. We coated some dried lima beans in orange paint and let them dry and those are our "goldfish" that we reward the boys with when they're good or complete a task, etc. Right now its kinda under construction b/c the container came off the poster board and blablabla... We're trying to find the right kind of tape to adhere it to the board and something better to adhere it to the wall (without ruining it since we rent.) It was a lot of work but it really helps get them motivated. When they fill it up they get to chose a family "party" at Chuck E Cheese or Toobtown to celebrate. Then we empty it out and start all over!
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