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Re: Relactating Where to begin ,lol. Need suggestions!!

Originally Posted by bfoster2000
If you look at the links in the thread I posted above, the FDA banned it in the US in 2004. I had no idea until recently because everyone I've heard talk about it is Canadian but that's what I found out. There are still doctors who will prescribe and there are still pharmacies that will fill it, but it is illegal and the pharmacies can be punished by the FDA.
This is incorrect. You can get it from compounding pharmacies - they are not regulated by the FDA, so they can't be punished by them. You just have to sign a piece of paper (usually) at the pharmacy saying that you know that it isn't approved by the FDA.

Originally Posted by bfoster2000
Definitely try the herbal route first. If that doesn't work, then consult an LC (or two or three!) and your doctor because there are drugs other than Domperidone that have the same effect. If you're still unsuccessful and decide that it's worth the risks, then you can look into getting Domperidone.
The other drug that is currently in use is Reglan. This is much more dangerous than Domperidone! A lot more of it transfers into the breast milk (while very little Domperidone gets into the milk at all). It also had a side-effect of depression, among other things! And for those of us having issues with breastfeeding, the last thing we need is to be taking something that causes depression!!

I got my doctor to prescribe it for me, but at the pharmacy I went to, it was incredibly expensive. It was much cheaper for me to order it online, and at least I have a prescription proving that I needed it if anything happens (but of all the people I know that have used it, there has NEVER been a case of getting in trouble for importing it). I ordered mine from It takes about 2 weeks to come in, and it's only $30 for 100 10mg pills (my pharmacy wanted $40 for 21 10mg pills).
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