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Re: Anyone start out "Chuncky" before getting preggo?

I was definitely chunky at the start of my second pregnancy. I am 5'5" and weighed 180. I was VERY concerned. My doctor told me not to worry, eat well and exercise. She said it would be okay if I did not gain any weight as long as I was eating well and the baby was growing. I rode the excercise bike for one hour every day for the first 6 months and ate a ton. Well, I did gain but not untill the end and only 19 lbs. I did not want to hit 200 lbs

Well, now I am at 190 (although I was 180 again very soon after the birth). I am so hungry while nursing so losing weight has been a bit difficult for me. I need to exercise more. Now that the baby is more mobile, it is getting easier to be active.
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