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Re: such thing as a healthy chocolate cake!!??

there is a very good one in one of the Moosewood restaurant cookbooks that uses, I believe, no fat other than what is in the baking chocolate. Either Moosewood restaurant cooks at home or ...sorry, forgot the other title by them. But don't frost it or it's no longer healthy.

Secondly, a great cake I used to make frequently is in the cookbook called Professional Vegetarian Cooking. It uses buttermilk and some form of fat replacer but I don't recall it.

Finally, I have made several flourless chocolate cakes that use ground almonds or almond meal, no other added fat. The one I use most is from a Bon Appetit and is actually a passover cake, from a few to five years ago. It uses orange juice too....fabulous! Wish I had some right now.
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