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Re: Relactating Where to begin ,lol. Need suggestions!!

Originally Posted by bamamom
PLEASE do not use the domperidone unless it is a last resort.

The fenugreek and milk thistle should do it, along with the latching on.

Domperidone causes liver problems....youcan only take it short term , and it causes your liver enzymes to act up. you would have to have liver testing bloodwork done, and i know women who had to stop taking it because their liver enzymes messed up, and the day they stopped taking it, their milkdried up.

Please try the herbal stuff first,...good luck!!

I take Dom, and I ordered it from as well, in New Zealand. I love the stuff.

The only reason they say it causes liver problems is because they tested it ONCE in lab rats by injecting them with extremely high concentration of the drug and it harmed them. The major concern in the rat test was seizures - and Dom can NOT pass the blood-brain barrier in humans.

Your milk does not dry up once you stop taking it, either. When a mother loses her milk supply, the Dom helps you RElactate, not CONTINUE to lactate.

I lost my milk due to hypothyroidism, and even when I got my thyroid corrected, my body didn't have the hormones anymore to stimulate milk supply. The Dom disguises itself as Prolactin, the hormone that stimulates milk production - No amount of Blessed Thistle, Fenugreek, MMtea or stimulation could get my milk going. I was down to 1.5 ounces per DAY, pumping 4 times a day for half an hour each time. I DID use it as a last resort, but in the future, I would use it as an earlier resort rather than going through the 2 months of struggling and HELL and frustration and guilt.

It is more important to me that my DD gets my breastmilk. One of the reasons for Dom being illegal in the US (which, technically, ANYTHING illegal can be prescribed by a doctor, so even though it can be prescribed, it is still illegal) is that formula is so inexpensive and easily accessible in the US that they'd rather not pay for the research. That was told to me by my LLL leader.

At any rate, I discourage people from being too hesitant about Dom - it's not cocaine, it's not Heroin, border patrol is not very concerned with a lactation stimulant coming into the US. It shows up marked "dietary supplement" - and I hope many mothers can benefit from it as much as I have. There is simply nothing that I love more than nursing my daughter.
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