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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Originally Posted by ajane View Post
I'm having this horrid debate w/dh right now. I don't want my son circ'd and dh def. knows how strongly I feel. Unfortunately, I can't get him to outright agree with me on leaving the baby intact. I'm trying to not put to much "pressure" on him and trying to give him factual info, but he is just being stubborn AND to make me even madder REFUSES to watch the video. I did flat out tell him that I won't even consider having him circ'd if he doesn't atleast watch the video. He just seems to think it is ok for the baby to have a piece of his body cut off and for him to not even know what happens or think about it. Why is he being so bullheaded!!!!

I told him I want to be fully decided BEFORE we got to the hospital, but I'm due in 3 1/2 weeks and don't really know where to go with him. His only "hang ups" is the locker room thing and what his future girlfriends will think. I told him over and over about the rate of intact boys increasing.......but he still thinks it will be an "issue."

My husband was the same way. He never watched a video, or read information about it. The day we found out we were having another boy, I cried and cried. I didn't want to even have to TALK about with him or his close-minded family. But our baby was a boy, so the talk had to happen. Weeks and months went by, and we never talked about it. As the due date got closer, I'd ask him, and he'd say he didn't know and then the conversation was dropped. So I made the decision on my own. When DS2 was born, I just told them no circ. His family continued to ask me for the first weeks of his life. "Are you sure you're not gonna do it? It's not too late ya know." I told them over and over it wasn't going to happen. And while DH never really defended me, he never pressured either. He knew I had done my research and he trusted me. Some of our family made ugly comments, but I was standing my ground.
One time when I was changing his diaper, my SIL says "we can't called it a peanut, cause it doesn't look like one" to which I said "sure it does. It's just an unshelled peanut." Her response was "it looks like an anteater." Pssh, oh well. She went on to have a boy a few months after DS2 was born. She got him circed, and she REFUSED to watch a video because "they just found the worst videos to post; not all circs are like that." His birth was "traumatic" already, so might as well do all the painful stuff while he's still adjusting to the world. Yeah, cause what a wonderful welcoming.
I've also noticed that his shaft is attached to his fat pad funny. The top of his penis is longer than the bottom because of the bottom is attached to the fat pad kinda high. The doc said it's competely fine, and nothing to be concerned about. The more I've been reading, the more I think they took too much skin off. My poor sweet nephew. Her husband went as far as to tell me that him and his friends used to make fun of their intact friends. That made me want to throw up. I just told him that hopefully his friends will be more mature than he was. Grow up would ya? It's not gonna change my mind just because he was an #*$&% as an adolescent.
And FYI, DS1 is circed, and has never noticed a difference between him and his brother. Granted he's only a toddler (almost 3), but he knows what his looks like and what his brothers looks like. He points and says "Porter's penis" and that's it. We'll see if he EVER notices a difference.
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