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Phew Weee

I have a problem. I know that it has been talked about before, but I cannot figure it out based on the other responses and I need HELP!

I bought some diapers from some mammas on here. They are Fuzzi bunz. I recieved some, washed them in sun (they were clean already) and when I put them on him they smelled clean but the first time that he peed it smelled like raw sewage! I could barly take them off of him without puking!

So, I think to myself, maybe he just has stinky pee. I can deal. Then the next day I get some more Fuzzi Bunz from a different mamma, do the same thing and they don't stink when he pees in them.

I came on here and went to Wal-mart last night and bought my cleaning stuff.

Here is what I did...
Rinse in cold water with simple green...
Run water again with simple green and squirt of dawn...
Soak 1 hour
Hot water wash simple green, 1/3 recomended use of sun and 4 drops TTO

Then they get out, I stick them in the dryer on low heat. They dry half way and I notice the darn things have stains my baby made. I use them anyway but the stains are brown (will those sun out). First time he pees sewage again! . I don't know what to do.

I am a person that is really big on stuff smelling good or nothing at all so I am wondering if I have to give up on CD? I need help bad. PLEASE
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