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Re: Liquids other than BM?

At your child's age I don't see the need for anything extra. Let him nurse as much as he wants and he won't get dehydrated. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water. If he just needs something to cool off a teether from the frig is nice or a bag of rice that's been chilled. Be careful giving anything too cold, like ice, at this age. He won't be able to tell when it's "too" cold.

I didn't give water until after 6-8 months and then it was just a sip from my glass now and then. It's also all we gave when he started learning to use a cup without a lid- less mess. I didn't give juice until after a year and don't really see the need when a child is bf. All juice gives is vitamin c and sugar. They don't need the vit c since they're getting it from bm. Obviously, they don't need sugar, even natural sugar.

A cool bath, a fan blowing across the room, light breathable clothing, etc will do good to keep him cool too.
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