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Re: Editing too often?

Originally Posted by designmegara View Post
I'm obviously NOT a mod or admin, but I think I can answer 'b' pretty clearly-they are called 'big girl panties' and they want us to start wearing them Meaning they don't want people who get nasty to back peddle and change their posts. They obviously overlooked needing exceptions (like WAHM, FSOT, etc), but I like the general idea of 'no editing'-it makes you (general you) THINK before you post and own what you say. In the case of this site, certain boards that *should* be 'no drama' like the weight loss board could get away with being able to edit, but most of the board should be no edit IMO. Yeah typos suck, but when everyone is making them no one really cares
Ok that *could* make sense, but IME on here, even if someone does own their words, it gets heated and they just delete the whole thread anyway. Taking away the edit button on this site is pretty much pointless because of that alone.
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