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Re: Editing too often?

Originally Posted by designmegara View Post
I can't remember who said no editing was micromanaging. How is making people own what they themselves post on a public board 'micromanaging'? Seriously, I don't get it.
I said that. Do you know what micromanaging is? It is when you try to manage every little detail about something. It is pointless and usually leads to what? You guessed it, more managing.

1. The language people use is already managed
2. How heated a thread can get is already managed
3. What we can and can't say is already managed
4. Now whether we can edit is managed
Do you see where I am going?

Part of "owning what you say" is being able to apologize when it hurts or offends someone. People can still do that, edit button or not. I just don't want to be micromanaged. There are plenty of rules here as it is.

ETD: The phrase is "backpedal" BTW
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