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Re: Editing too often?

Originally Posted by Magpiedpiper View Post
I think with some fixes it would be a very good thing. Perhaps people will think twice before posting some of the things they post, and if not, at least they can't try to back out of it later. Own what you say!
i just don't get it. where is all this drama that needs to be corralled?? i've been here for a long time and haven't seen it...

Originally Posted by MommytoJandS View Post
So if we want to go back later and delete pictures of our children we can't?? I occasionally post pictures of my children in Extra Fluffy, but a week or so later after the thread is dead, I go back to delete the pictures. Now I can't? I don't think this is a great idea.
totally agreed. and these posts could be anywhere... babywearing, parenting, ttc, due dates, wherever. not cool that they stay forever.

Originally Posted by reenie1023 View Post
Oh, I'd like to add too...sometimes after posting, I'll reread what I've typed and notice spelling or other errors that I like to fix/edit. I find it very frustrating that we will not be able to go into our original posting and edit.
me too!

Originally Posted by c'est_la_vie View Post
I think the minority that chooses not to wear their "big girl panties" shouldn't effect the MAJORITY that just want to be able to edit posts that have zero to do with drama!

as for me, i quit frequenting babycenter's chat boards because they changed their setup, which included not being able to edit the original post. way cumbersome and annoying. made it not worth it anymore. don't know that i'd quit this site over it, but it'd be super frustrating.

thanks for fixing it and i hope it stays editable!
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