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Re: UPDATED: @!*(%$@ I'm infected with spyware/malware again.....anyone else?

Originally Posted by sbolen View Post
I got one yesterday from Diaperswappers (it was the only thing running on my computer at the time).
It made the background of my computer blue and said "Warning: Your're infected with spyware" or something liek that. Then it kept running this bogus "system security" program that I couldn't stop. I couldn't run anything else on it.

So, I turned off the computer manually (i.e. pushed the on/off button to shut it off) and booted up in safe mode. From there I could run Malaware Ad-aware and that program was able to get rid of it! Took a whole afternoon though!
I did exactly this, and I still have it. Malawarebytes keeps picking it up and deleting it, but it just keeps coming back, even in safe mode. I tried to manually remove, and I tried to corupt the file by changing the binary code....still didn't work! It's because it has rooted itself deep in the registry...meh, I love diaperswappers but not enough to keep detroying PCS for it. My Mother is head of computer operations at American Bankers Association, and she told me that this virus can only be gotten rid of if you reformat the hard drive completely. After I get my new pc, you won't be seeing much of me around here .
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