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Re: UPDATED: @!*(%$@ I'm infected with spyware/malware again.....anyone else?

one of the pages it directed me to was "virus doctor"
this is the same EXACT thing dh had on the desktop about a month ago (his wasnt from dh though)
but he is a computer IT at his company. so IMO, if he cant fix it, it cant be fixed. he tried several different "cures" and many, many different things. he even unplugged from the modem when he wasnt using it. it was very, very bad.
the thing is, IT ISNT A VIRUS. ITS A WORM. thats why you cant get rid of it. it "worms" its way into EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM thats installed on your system.
we had to completely reformat (or whatevery you call it) where you strip it completely down. like remove EVERYTHING. so we had to reinstall windows and everything. we lost everything that we had stored like pictures and important documents, outlook contacts. everything.

PLEASE BACKUP EVERYTHING WHILE YOU CAN!!! save your pics and important docs.

i probably will stay away for a while myself until its fixed
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