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Re: ~$5 Meal Ideas~

Yumm... pregnant woman is very hungry now, lol. It's only 8am. I think I'm a little late to this... but here's mine. Didn't read all the posts so I hope it's not a repeat.

Chicken Enchilada Casserole... close to $5 at least

2chicken breasts
1/2 onion
celery (i'm really bad at measureing, maybe 1c)
1can corn
can of chicken broth (optional)
1/2c salsa (more/less to taste)
chedder cheese
1pkg corn bread mix
1small can green chilis
1tbsp (aprx) cornstarch

dice chicken
Boil chicken in can of broth (I usually just use a couple cups of water w/salt, pepper, garlic or whatever spices i feel like or use leftover chicken)
After a couple of min add onion and celery to pot
Once chicken is cooked reduce to simmer add corn & salsa
mix cornstarch w/cold water so there are no clumps and add to pot. Allow to thicken some.
Pour everything into baking dish
top with cheese, then green chilis, then corn bread
bake according to corn bread directions.
SOooooo yummy, i just hope that I remembered everything for the recipe.

another favorite
mac n cheese w/left over chicken breast and peas... love it with the alfredo mac n cheese or spaghetti with alfredo sauce too... we use wildtree's powdered kind and its pretty cheap because i don't use as much as it calls for and its not near as rich as the jars. this stuff is the only thing i can get my 17month old to eat half the time that's semi healthy

Everything else i can think of has been posted already.
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