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Re: Bye bye baby foods?

I dont think theree is anyhting wrong with giving baby foods as long as they' want them- epspcially if thats all theyll eat... for instance, Thomas is a very picky eater and will not/would not eat ANY vegetables except for baby food veggies sooooo, he was on all regular foods as a toddler except days when I couldnt get a veggie in him- then I pulled out my secret weapon- the BF veggies.... I dont know, maybe he thought it was pudding? but it worked.

I knew a mom who's baby was not gaining enough and they actually had her force feed baby food using a medicine thankful she'll eat on her own at all...

As for what to feed, by 9mths or so, they are ready for table foods- you just cut up a little of what ever you're eating, thats what they really want anyway.
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