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Re: UPDATED: @!*(%$@ I'm infected with spyware/malware again.....anyone else?

fyi I just dealt with a nasty virus the last 2 days. it turned by wallpaper blue with a big warning sign that I had spyware on my computer and then my computer crashed everytime I tried to open firefox or explorer.

From what I read it was "spysheriff" and none of my regular spyware/antivirus stuff worked. I downloaded a program called smitfraudfix.exe which I have used in the past for bad viruses. It worked like a charm. If you google it you can probably find the download link (it's freeware) plus instructions all about starting in safe mode and exactly what to do (its a little steppy). I don't know why this program works when others don't but it's really great.

Also, after the virus was gone my internet still wouldn't work and I found out that whatever happened along the way made it so google desktop was messed up. I didn't even know I had google desktop installed, I know I don't use it, but sure enough, once the virus was gone and I uninstalled google desktop my system is back to normal.
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