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Angry SOOOOOO MAD what would you do????***MAGICALLY he was not forced today****

OK ladies my son came home from his school today (we have only been there for a couple weeks now) and told me he is being forced to eat at school...he gets hot lunch like the majority of the kids and the cafateria duty walks around forcing the kids to eat everything on their plate AND my son was told to get corn, the man said his scoop was not big enough so made him get three large scoops! and forced him to eat it all!...Now aside from my son having sensory integration The school or its employees has NO RIGHT to force him to eat CORRECT???? they have personal rights! Not to mention with sensory integration the texture of many vegetables gag my son he is luvky he didnt get a plate full of puke! But this is how eating disorders are formed children being told to eat everything on their plates or forced to eat things...I am all for having them taste new things but I don't eat things I don;t like we shouldn't force children to eat things just to feel powerful or have control...OH I AM SO MAD...he of course told me all this after school hours so I have to wait till morning which is probably to their benefit because I am SO FLIPPIN PISSED...ok now for advice what should I say wihtout making a total scene...does anyone have a link to documentation stating they have personal rights and the school has no authority over what they should eat! please guys help me out I want to be prepared and have things to back me up. Thanks for letting me vent!
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