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Re: What do you do when someone sells you a bad item?

ITA with emailing her with your intentions first. That way you are being totally fair with her. PLEASE KEEP ALL PM's and EMAILS! That way you can post them on her feedback "notes" about the sale that took place.

I'd say you email her and offer these 3 things to try and resolve the situation.

1. Give me a full refund minus the shipping cost and pay for me to ship them back to you.


2. Give me a partial refund. The amount those would have truly gone for if they were new seconds is $1 each. (So if you paid $4 each then she needs to give you $3 refund on each one)


3. If you choose not to resolve this situation I will leave negative feedback for you and MamaJo will be stepping in if you retaliate and give me negative feedback.

I don't know if you would really want to say that about MamaJo as I think it's up to her if she wants her name used in this matter but you can just tell her that you will leave negative feedback.

I also don't see anything wrong with telling the seller that you would like this to be resolves in x # of days too. You shouldn't be stuck with waiting a month for your money back KWIM?

(((Hugs mama)))

I bought a dipe from a mama for $9ppd and it came to me with shot elastic on one side and a hole in it. It was grossly misreprsented but she had a ton of dipes for sale and all positive feedback so I chalked it up to her missing it. I pm'd her and she offered to refund a few dollars but I had done some investigating and saw that she was/is having a hard time with her children and realized that she needed the money more than I so I declined. I cannot fix the problem but who cares.

This situation is not like that!
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