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Re: Frugal Eating Support Thread

I'd love to join you guys!! I don't keep track of our budget, but I know I need to... I know we get take-out way too often.
Somethings I do that I know save some money are buy meat in bulk or the family packs and then divide up into freezer bags at home. I also buy my meat once a month when the grocery store has their 15% off day if you spend more than $25...
I wash my floors with water w/vinegar added (and whatever essential oil I feel like smelling)
I also feel like I do breakfast pretty good with having oatmeal, pancakes from scratch or eggs most mornings. It's getting harder because has the kids get older they seem to want cold cereal more often. I either need to stop buying it (and I really only get the non sugar ones and only on sale) or just make it a "Sunday only" kind of thing- kwim?
I would love some menu plans though!! Those of you who have a 2 week or month plan would you mind sharing?? That has been my biggest downfall over the years. Just shopping, then not using stuff. I need to train myself to shop from a menu and buy ingredients that could be used for several meals.

Anyway- I look forward to saving some $$ with you all!
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