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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

Woohoo i was watching the video in our office and bf was here too.. Pen and teller came on.. he likes them.. that caught his attention. He wasnt fully intune with the video but with what he saw and heard I think it got the point accross. Just the pain part and seeing them start the procedure (or hearing them.. not sure if he was watching it or just hearing it..) got him more on my side! Ive been trying for months now to talk to him about it and he wont even discuss it.. alls i get out is a few sentences before its about to start a huge fight but, thankgoodness ive been able to get him to atleast see what it is..

This is my 3rd boy, first 2 were circ I didnt know anything! I was ignorant in alot of things but I was a learning mama! and I still am learning. I try to not think about my first 2 but honestly now i cant help but picture how terrible it looked it healed super fast and they are fine and nothing went wrong but OMG the after effect was sad.. (my first baby i had horrible ppd the first few weeks to me are a blur horrible to say but they are... I think that if i woudl have remembered the circ then, i would have not done it the second time..)

anyways thanks for posting the video!
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