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Re: Stalking for Crankypants

Thanks mamas. I'm glad it was just a misunderstanding, I'd hate for people to think they were being treated unfairly.

The email info @ (no spaces) or for those of you that have my personal email- either one will work, they actually go to the same place And I am EST. It can just be "Hey I want a spot", but please have in mind what you'd like. I actually had a slot expire this past month because the person who snagged it took quite a while to figure out what she wanted and then ended up not paying the invoice once I finally sent it. That slot could have gone to someone else, kwim? I am going to have a deadline this time around so I have time to give away a slot that goes unfilled. If you can specify shorties or longies that helps too, because I can take an extra order if there are a lot of shorties.

Henry has had a killer fever all week so we are a little sleepy around here, I have to be off to bed in the midst of all this exicitement. I have to go back to my WOH job tomorrow (I've been home with him all week) and dh will be staying home with him, so you might not hear from me until tomorrow afternoon.

I am always up for answering questions or addressing concerns so please feel free to fire away.
mama to Henry (aka "Emperor Crankypants")
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